Teacher Training Courses for Language Teachers

Improve your teaching practice through a training course specifically designed for language teachers.

The following courses are offered in collaboration with Europass Teacher Academy.

Europass is the largest European provider of teacher training courses. With roughly 50 collaborators and over 25 courses starting every month, they have trained over 20.000 teachers, administrators and support staff over the last 10 years.

Prices will be different from the one displayed in the links. Please contact us (info@eacbarcelona.eu) for a  price quotation. 

CLIL for Language Teachers

This course has been designed for those teachers who love the language and who want to take their classes further, teaching their students the content of their subject, but in another language. This course develops a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology and introduces participants to how to teach a subject in a foreign language.

The course includes CLIL lesson planning, resources, and materials creation; and with this, the teacher will be better prepared to develop and incorporate activities that involve the four basic skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) in their classrooms, in addition to having obtained new ideas and approaches to evaluate language students, correct mistakes and include more work in pairs and groups.

Tech Tools for Language Teachers

This course has been created specifically for language teachers who want to integrate educational applications and digital tools in their classes.

Course attendees will discover various applications that will help them energize their classes, motivate their students and offer a renewed version of their teaching methodology. Specifically, the course will focus on digital tools that help develop students’ language skills through music, film, and the arts.

This means that students will be able to learn the four basic competencies (reading, writing, listening and speaking) with new tools that will make them feel part of their learning.


Course for groups: Learn or improve a foreign language while enjoying one of our art and wellbeing courses.

Please contact us (info@eacbarcelona.eu) to receive further information.

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